Conference Speakers


Albert EdwardsSociété GénéraleThe Economic World Today[wpdm_file id=107][wpdm_file id=108]
Christian LeeLCH ClearnetSettlement Risk – The Lehman Experience[wpdm_file id=109][wpdm_file id=110]
Adriana JankovicovaErste BankAsset & Liability Management in Eastern Europe[wpdm_file id=111][wpdm_file id=112]
Peter LightfootThe Royal Bank of ScotlandIntra Day Liquidity Management[wpdm_file id=113][wpdm_file id=114]
Marco LichtfousCommission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, LuxembourgLiquidity Regulation in Europe[wpdm_file id=115][wpdm_file id=116]
Martyn HoccomThe Royal Bank of ScotlandPanel Session – Review of Liquidity Regulation, Stress Testing and possible future directions[wpdm_file id=117][wpdm_file id=118]