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The CertBALM® has been designed to:

a) provide a benchmark qualification in bank and building society asset and liability management and
b) be a standalone qualification which is recognised by the banking industry.

It is benchmarked to a Level 6 qualification – equivalent to final years honours degree – and equates to 200 hours of learning over a period of 6 months.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry qualification requirements. However the CertBALM® is aimed at people working in bank and building society treasury, balance sheet management, asset and liability management, risk and finance departments and an understanding of basic bank financial accounts, and statistical concepts such as time value of money, probability, correlation, standard deviation, weighted average cost of capital is required. Candidates should be reasonably numerate. For example, you will need to be able to set up, rearrange and solve straightforward equations.

Why study for the CertBALM®?

To gain a firm understanding of how to manage a bank’s balance sheet, i.e. the management of capital, liquidity and funding as well as interest rate risk in the banking book. To be able to recognise the practical problems arising from these risks and how to solve such problems. To understand the regulatory context of bank balance sheet management and the governance process that results.

 What will you learn?

  •  To describe the fundamental concepts and risks of asset and liability management across all the major categories and understand how the modules inter connect.
  •  To quantify and understand the analytical and quantitative methods for measuring and explaining ALM risk.
  •  To recommend and advise – to set out options to solve issues that arise in bank treasury management and to explain those options’ relative merits from the viewpoint of, e.g. practicality, materiality, effectiveness, culture and risk appetite.
  •  To communicate and apply – the ability to describe and explain ALM using practical examples.

How is the CertBALM® structured?

Unit 1: Overview: Banking, Treasury and ALM
Unit 2: Capital Risk Management
Unit 3: Liquidity and Funding Risk
Unit 4: Market Risk in the Banking Book
Unit 5: Integrated Asset and Liability Management

How do you study?

Flexible online learning via the ACT Learning Management System.
Study on the go – anywhere, anytime.

Study Commitment

  • 6 months to complete; 200 study hours
  • One online progress test following the completion of Unit 1
  • One x four day residential course, to cover exam Units 2/3 and exam Units 4/5
  • Two online multiple choice/short answer exams to test Units 2/3 and Units 4/5 (3 hours each)
  • Optional one day course to teach Assignment/Case Study technique
  • Final Case Study/Assignment to test application of learning to prepare for your final assessment

Study Guide

The full study guide can be downloaded here

Frequently Asked Questions

Download CertBALM® FAQ’s here:-

Summary of Key Dates:

Course Number 3 – FULL



26th March 2018Course Begins
23 – 27 April 2018 inclusiveUnit 1 Progress Test
18 – 21 June 2018 inclusiveResidential Course
21st June 2018Unit 2/3 Exam - Final day to book
12th July 2018Unit 2/3 Exam
23rd August 2018Unit 2/3 Exam Results Date
17th September 2018Unit 4/5 Exam – Final day to book
11th October 2018Unit 4/5 Exam
22nd November 2018Unit 4/5 Exam Results Date
24th September 2018Case Study – Final day to book
12th October 2018Case Study Release Date
16th November 2018Case Study Submission Date
19th December 2018Case Study Result Date

Course Number 4 – FULL



3rd September 2018Course Begins
24th – 28th September inclusiveUnit 1 Progress Test
26th – 29th November inclusive Residential Course
26th November 2018Unit 2/3 Exam - Final day to book
13th December 2018Unit 2/3 Exam
25th January 2019Unit 2/3 Exam Results Date
23rd January 2019Unit 4/5 Exam – Final day to book
13th February 2019Unit 4/5 Exam
27th March 2019Unit 4/5 Exam Results Date
24th January 2019Case Study – Final day to book
14th February 2019Case Study Release Date
21st March 2019Case Study Submission Date
25th April 2019Case Study Result Date

Course Number 5 – FULL



Monday 25th March 2019Course Begins
22nd – 29th April 2019 inclusiveUnit 1 Progress Test
17th - 20th June 2019 inclusive Residential Course
21st June 2019Unit 2/3 Exam - Final day to book
18th July 2019Unit 2/3 Exam
16th August 2019Unit 2/3 Exam Results Date
4th October 2019Unit 4/5 Exam – Final day to book
31st October 2019Unit 4/5 Exam
29th November 2019Unit 4/5 Exam Results Date
4th October 2019Case Study – Final day to book
1st November 2019Case Study Release Date
6th December 2019Case Study Submission Date
10th January 2020Case Study Result Date

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  • £3,500 + VAT (£4,200)
  • plus Assessment fees of £435 + VAT (£522)
  • plus accommodation costs for four day residential course.

Student Membership of ALMA

Anyone enrolling to study the CertBALM® will be offered student membership of ALMA, the fee for which is included in the enrolment fee. Student members can attend meetings, courses and conferences organised by the Association at member fee rates. They will also be added to the ALMA Newsletter subscription list.

CertBALM® Membership
CertBALM® membership is offered to those who pass the certificate. Members can attend meetings, courses and conferences organised by the Association at member fee rates. They will also be added to the ALMA Newsletter subscription list.
The fee for CertBALM® membership is £60 (plus VAT) per annum but this will be reduced if your firm is a corporate member of ALMA.

Terms and Conditions

Please Click here to view the terms and conditions

Post Assessment Feedback

Post Assessment feedback is available for all candidates achieving below 50%. Please see the following page for details.

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