After Dinner Speakers

Rick WatsonHead of Capital MarketsAssociation for Financial Markets in Europe

Conference Speakers


Kevin GardinerBarclays WealthThe economic and market outlook in 2011: the mist clears[wpdm_file id=158][wpdm_file id=159]
Sarah JohnBank of EnglandBank of England facilities to provide liquidity insurance[wpdm_file id=160][wpdm_file id=161]
James BerryFSAA regulator’s perspective on IRRBB[wpdm_file id=162][wpdm_file id=163]
Jim ByrneFSMDALMA Education Programme[wpdm_file id=164][wpdm_file id=165]
Bill AllenCass Business SchoolLiquidity regulation and its consequences[wpdm_file id=166][wpdm_file id=167]
Paul StanleyA I B GroupStress Testing in Action[wpdm_file id=168][wpdm_file id=169]