To provide and promote the highest standard of education and professional excellence,
share best practice and be a leading advocate within asset and liability management.

The Asset and Liability Management Association Limited 

ALMA was formed in 1992 as a trade association of asset & liability risk management practitioners in leading banks, building societies and other related companies. The company has over 110 members from UK,  Irish and international institutions.

The company’s primary aims are to provide education, networking opportunities and promote awareness of asset and liability risk management issues within Treasury and a wider bank balance sheet. We do this through a series of courses, conferences and in-person and online events. ALMA seeks to promote and share best practice in related risk management techniques and approaches. We provide an informal forum in which risk management professionals can network and discuss the issues facing the industry and their responses to these challenges. We work for, and on behalf of our members, to give them the opportunity to share their views on areas as diverse as risk systems strategy, structuring of balance sheets to manage liquidity and funding, interest rate risk, credit, capital and leverage, experience in e-commerce and strategic business direction. We are actively looking at the applications of Digital Currency and assets alongside the impacts of Climate Change on balance sheets and risk metrics.


ALMA is a growing voice on emerging regulatory proposals, forming working groups of leading UK practitioners on such subjects as market risk in the banking book and liquidity risk ratios (LCR/NSFR). 

ALMA maintains contacts with the PRA, the EBA, the ECB and the Basel Committee. ALMA also works closely with UK Finance, the EBF, the Building Societies Association, the Small Banks Association and the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT).


ALMA’s CertBALM® qualification was launched in 2017. This benchmark Level 6 qualification, developed by ALMA and accredited by the Association of Corporate Treasurers, aims to give students a firm understanding of how to manage a bank’s balance sheet. Covering capital, liquidity and funding, IRRBB and Integrated ALM, the course allows students to be able to recognise the practical problems arising from these risks and how to solve such problems. 

ALMA also runs short courses for those within, or directly related to, Treasury or for those who need to understand Treasury when they work in a business line. Currently, we run a three day Foundations course, a two day course on Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book, a two day course on Liquidity and Funding and a half day Climate Change course.

Infographic of what ALMA does